What Is Soot and Why is Soot Removal in Springfield, MO Important?

Of the many byproducts from a structure fire, soot is one of the most insidious of all. Even after large-scale fire damage, removing visible debris is often not enough to prevent long term damage from the corrosive particles that make up soot. The only way to ensure truly comprehensive soot removal is to seek professional cleaning assistance. ServiceMaster DSI provides expert fire damage restoration and soot removal in Springfield, MO for a fast, complete recovery after a building fire.

Soot may seem largely benign—at most, a dirty nuisance—but it can cause serious problems in your home or business. Because soot is such a toxic substance in many ways, it can affect building structure and human health.

What is soot?

Soot is a mixture of carbon particles left behind after an incomplete combustion. Because building fires often burn with inadequate oxygen and slow-burning fuels, they are ripe with incomplete combustions, leaving behind large quantities of soot.

Made largely of amorphous carbon and crystalline impurities, soot has a highly acidic pH value and is readily airborne. Even in low concentrations, soot can permeate most materials and discolor surfaces, fabrics, and building materials.

Why is it dangerous?

Because soot is such an acidic substance, it’s highly corrosive when in contact with most materials in a home or business. In the first few hours of exposure, soot will discolor walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as items made from plastic and fabric. In a few days, soot can etch into glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces, corrode electrical wiring, and damage almost all types of surfaces and wood finishes. Soot is easily spread throughout an entire building, reaching into ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Soot is also highly carcinogenic and toxic for skin, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Air pollution from soot is a serious problem in many areas of the world, and is known to cause asthma, lung cancer, thrombosis, and even brain damage. If soot drifting freely through outdoor air can cause so many problems, imagine what it can do in the contained indoor environment of a home or business.

The price of professional soot removal in Springfield, MO is a small one to pay when the consequences of neglecting comprehensive removal are so severe. Take advantage of ServiceMaster DSI fire damage restoration services and call us at 417.868.8111 today.


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