What Constitutes Trauma Cleanup? Learn More about This Service Option in Nixa, MO

The term trauma cleanup is used to describe services, available in Nixa, MO, that take care of several situations, be it in a residential or commercial setting. From chemical and biological spills to traumatic events, this service cleans the space impacted by a trauma. When an incident occurs that is stressful or traumatic, it’s best to lean on the professionals like ServiceMaster DSI  during your time of need.


Biohazardous Materials

In most cases of trauma cleanup in Nixa, MO, there are biohazardous materials present. A crime scene, car accident, a laboratory accident, or industrial accident can be subject to hazardous materials. This can include bodily fluids as well as chemicals, and exposure to such elements can lead to a serious illness. It’s important to have the space cleaned by a professional team of experts that knows how to handle these materials.

ServiceMaster DSI’s professional technicians wear specialized equipment that protect them from the hazardous materials and prevents contamination in other areas of your home or business. When it comes to waste disposal, local as well as federal laws are followed.


Professional Service

When a traumatic event occurs within your business or home, it can be stressful and traumatizing. You already have to deal with the incident that took place, trying to figure out how to clean the space afterwards can be even more upsetting.

By allowing ServiceMaster DSI’s trauma cleanup experts in Nixa, MO, to handle the scene, you can focus on other tasks going on in your life. In personal cases where the home is the scene of the event, it can be emotionally taxing to try and clean the space yourself and is a health hazard, depending on what occurred. By allowing our experts to clean the space, you won’t have to relive what happened, and you’ll remain safe, free of any possible contamination.


When a traumatic event occurs in your home or business, give ServiceMaster DSI a call. We can be reached at (417) 868-8111. Our team will assist in every way possible to remove all traces of a traumatic event from your space.

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