Water Extraction Helps Mount Vernon, MO Companies Recover After Flash Floods

Our neighbors in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana recently faced heavy rains and widespread flooding. The National Weather Service issued flash flood watches and warnings covering nine states from the Louisiana coastline to central Illinois. With the effects of these torrential rains coming so close to home, we at ServiceMaster DSI would like to remind Mount Vernon, MO business owners how useful water extraction can be after a flash flood.

Spring rains may not seem worrisome at first, but the ground is still thawing after a cold winter. This means that it won’t be able to absorb rainwater as well as it can in the summer. Add melting snow into the mix, and pretty soon you have a lot of water with nowhere to go. Look out for flash flood watches and warnings in the forecast, and take the time to review flood safety with your staff. It only takes six inches of rushing water to knock an adult off their feet, and just one foot of water to take a small car off-course. Ask your staff to work from home if floodwaters prevent them from traveling safely to the office.

 It only takes forty-eight hours for mold to start growing if water damage from flooding is left untreated. Mold spores can spread quickly throughout the building through the air ducts. Mold will eat away at the walls, the office furniture, and the structure of the office building itself. It will also lower the indoor air quality of your office building. This could create worsening symptoms for your co-workers who face asthma, allergies, or respiratory conditions. Otherwise healthy co-workers could also develop respiratory health problems from mold exposure. The sooner you can treat water damage with water extraction, the better.

Sewer backups can also cause trouble after a flash flood. Sewer systems that feature combined pipelines are meant to handle both sewage and storm water in the same set of pipes. Heavy rains introduce more volume than the sewer system can handle, and the sewage is discharged out through low-lying drains in or near your office building. Not only will you need water extraction to remove the standing water, but you will also need to have the area sanitized to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria from the sewage.

Your most important task in the event of a flash flood is to get everyone safely to higher ground. Then, call ServiceMaster DSI at 888-868-6601 to bring our water extraction experts to your Mount Vernon, MO office building. We’ll make your building a safe place to work so you can get back to business faster.

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