What Goes into Water Damage Restoration in Ozark, MO?

When water enters the home unexpectedly, it creates frustration as the homeowner has no idea what to do. The removal of the water is needed to ensure no moisture remains because water can quickly cause mold and mildew along with structural damage. Learning more about our water damage restoration services in Ozark, MO will help homeowners to see how quick restoration is needed to ensure the integrity of the home.


Stopping the Water

The first step to cleaning up water damage is finding the source of the water. Water can enter a home due to broken pipes, sewage issues, or flooding from heavy rains. When it’s a plumbing problem, the home’s water supply needs to be turned off. In all cases, any standing water must be removed from your Ozark, MO home, and once that’s completed, the water damage restoration can begin.


When it comes to standing water, quick determinations need to be made. Is the water contaminated? Could there be deadly electrical currents running through it? Our technicians know how to determine the danger of the water and ensure you stay safe while we work on restoring your home.


Drying the Space

Once the standing water is removed, excess moisture must be eliminated to create a dry space. If any moisture remains, it can create an environment where mold and mildew can thrive. This creates even more issues such as structural damage or health problems. To remove excess moisture, we use industrial-grade drying tools and time-tested dehumidifying techniques. Materials in the home that are waterlogged must be thoroughly dried and restored as needed. The dehumidifiers may need to run for long periods of time to remove the moisture.


When you find that your Ozark, MO home is affected by water, contact our team immediately. We will quickly get to work providing water damage restoration, so you don’t have to worry about the future of your home. Give us a call today at (417) 895-9685 or fill out a service request form online to learn more.

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