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Trauma Cleanup Services in Springfield, MO

Biohazard Cleaning for Homes & Businesses

You could need trauma cleanup for a number of siuations, such as chemical or biological spills, or even human trauma cases that require crime scene cleanup. Whatever the case may be, the situation can be emotionally unsettling both for yourself and for your family or coworkers. You are under enough stress handling the incident and its aftermath without having to do the cleanup as well. Let ServiceMaster DSI handle the trauma cleanup in Springfield, MO by calling on us for our 24/7/365 emergency services.

Our certified experts receive the training to handle every type of trauma cleanup situation safely, effectively, and discreetly. We respond promptly and work efficiently to restore your home or office as soon as possible.

Trauma cleanup isn’t something you should ever attempt on your own. Trauma scenes often have biohazardous materials present, such as chemicals and bodily fluids. Exposure to these things can cause serious illness. Our professional technicians wear specialized personal protective equipment to protect themselves and prevent the spread of contamination. We also follow local and federal laws regarding proper waste disposal. Improper disposal of biohazardous waste can lead to others being exposed and even contamination of the ground water. By taking all of the necessary precautions, we are able to make your environment safe, while keeping ourselves and the community safe.

Our trauma cleanup and biohazard remediation experts handle the following situations:

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Trauma cleanup, including homicides and car accidents
  • Industrial and laboratory accidents
  • Biological spills or contamination
  • Bacterial and viral outbreaks requiring sanitization
  • Chemical spills
  • Disinfecting and odor removal

We handle every trauma cleanup situation promptly and discreetly, following all state and federal laws and regulations. Contact ServiceMaster DSI in Branson, Springfield, and Mount Vernon, MO for trauma cleanup and biohazard remediation when disaster strikes.


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