Tips for Preventing Winter Carpet Stains in Springfield, MO

A clean aesthetic is a sure way to attract customers to your business. Sloppy desks, mismatched furniture, and dirty carpet are just a few distractions that can keep customers from returning. From busy department stores to doctors’ offices, it is important to keep a neat interior. Keeping carpet clean can be one of the biggest challenges for business owners. This can often lead to entire flooring replacements every few years. On top of this, the winter season can make this especially hard. Salt can trail in from the streets leaving carpet full of icky white stains which can be an eyesore for everyone. The upkeep would cost a fortune if not planned for. ServiceMaster DSI can give you a thorough run down of the cleaning and upkeep procedures necessary to get the most bang for your buck. To keep your carpet in it’s best shape, be sure to schedule regular carpet cleaning in your Springfield, MO office or home.

There are many ways to prolong the life of your carpet. One way would be to invest in high-quality fiber carpeting that will resist food and beverage spills, pet accidents, and salt stains in the winter time. With this type, strands of nylon are formed into the carpet, keeping it more resistant and able to bounce back. Not only does this carpet have a rich color, it also looks thicker. Investing in a stain-resistant carpet is the first step to saving yourself the hassle of replacement in the near future.

Another easy way to keep carpet looking fresher for longer is to apply a protectant spray on the surface. Protectants seal in color and texture, while also creating a shield against stains. The protectant pushes the spill away from the fibers, repelling a stain from forming. A spray protectant won’t change the look or feel of the carpet, but preserve it. You can use protectant on carpet in your office space and also on rugs in the entryway, where salt and dirt are typically rubbing off customer and employees’ shoes.

If you find yourself dealing with a tricky stain despite the above, the best way to erase it is to use a spot treatment immediately. Using a spray or powder spot remover can remove the spill quickly while you are waiting to have a professional come in. Hiring a service to clean your carpet is a great way to keep it up seasonally and to avoid having to replace often. A professional service, like ServiceMaster DSI, can remove existing stains, apply a protectant, and keep carpet and rugs looking brand new. Contact us today to learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Springfield, Branson, and Mount Vernon, MO.

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