Storm Damage Restoration of HVAC Systems Contaminated by Flood Water in Republic, MO

A storm often brings with it large scale flooding. If the HVAC system in your Republic, MO, home becomes submerged in contaminated water, it’s time to contact the storm damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI to thoroughly clean the HVAC system.

We have the expertise to properly clean away the debris and dirt, while preventing the growth of microorganisms in your HVAC system.

Steps Taken Before Storm Damage Restoration Starts

According to information from the CDC, if a building that sustained water damage is partially occupied, the restoration professionals will isolate the area in which the cleaning and remediation of the HVAC system will be performed. Such isolation is achieved by using plastic sheeting and similar vapor retarding barriers.

Additionally, efforts are made to maintain negative air pressure in the work area with the help of blowers utilizing HEPA filters.

Remediation and Cleaning of HVAC System

Some of the tasks performed by restoration companies to clean HVAC systems includes:

  • Removal of Insulation and Filter Media: The first step in the restoration process involves removal of flood damaged and contaminated insulation from around and inside the components of the HVAC system.
  • Cleaning Component Surfaces: After filter and insulation material is removed, component surfaces are cleaned using a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filtration system to remove debris, dirt, as well as microorganisms.

During the cleanup procedure special attention is paid to drain pans, filter racks, and air ducts since these are the places where debris is likely to get trapped. Once they are cleaned these surfaces are disinfected using a chlorine bleach solution.

  • Use of High Pressure Washers: In cases where large amount of debris are present, component surfaces are mechanically cleaned using a high pressure or steam washer followed by a disinfectant.
  • Replacement of Insulation: After disinfecting the contaminated surfaces, replacement of components is performed followed by reinstallation of insulation. A smooth surface insulation is generally used to ensure that microorganisms and debris cannot re-contaminate the area.
  • Servicing of HVAC System Fan: Another important task involves removal of the HVAC system fan for proper drying, cleaning, disinfecting, and testing. Once it passes all the required checks it is reinstalled into the air handling unit.

If the HVAC system in your home has been contaminated due to flooding, ServiceMaster DSI can easily fix the problem. Just give us a call at (417) 895-9685. Our technicians have the required knowledge and experience in storm damage restoration to clean, disinfect, and restore your HVAC system to like-new condition in Republic, MO.

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