How to Deal with a Hoarding Spouse and Hoarding Cleanup in Nixa, MO

Hoarding effects people of all ages and backgrounds, and dealing with it when a member of your own family is struggling with it can be difficult. You don’t know how to help them, and your anger and frustration sometimes overcomes you. Why can’t they just stop bringing junk into the house? Why do they get so upset if you offer to throw something away? Why can’t they understand that their hoarding is a real problem? Before you bring up the issue of hoarding cleanup, check out the information below. Both you and the person suffering from the hoarding disorder in your Nixa, MO, home are sure to benefit.

 Don’t Sneakily Throw Things Away

You probably think your spouse won’t notice some missing books from an assemblage of hundreds or a single trash bag from a large pile, but they can and do pay attention to what is around them. They’ll confront you, and this will only make the situation worse. You can’t be sneaky about it – they shouldn’t be left in the dark about your plans. Yes, hoarding can hide issues that need to be addressed, such as water damage restoration, but you can’t rush the process. Would you want somebody to come into your house and grab your DVD collection or kitchen utensils without asking? Probably not. Put yourself in their shoes.

 Consider Therapy

It’s important to provide your spouse with a therapist who can help them work through their problems. Therapy can also benefit you – your well-being and happiness is also important. A therapist can warm your spouse up to the idea of hoarding cleanup without making them feel alone or attacked. Hoarding is very personal, and a professional hand is often necessary.

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