ServiceMaster DSI Tackles Residential Water Damage Restoration in Mount Vernon, MO Laundry Rooms

There are many different ways that water damage can occur. Sometimes the culprit can be found right there in your home or apartment. In fact, residential water damage is most commonly caused by some form of washing machine failure. This could be the result of a supply hose or drain line failure, a leak, or an overflow. How severe the water damage is may depend on how your laundry room is set up. No matter the cause, ServiceMaster DSI is here to help with our water damage restoration services for Mount Vernon, MO homes and apartments.

The laundry room in your house is often located on the basement level. Some homeowners choose to put the laundry room on an upper level for the convenience of not needing to go all the way downstairs to wash clothes. Many landlords make the same choice for their apartment buildings and provide upper-level laundry rooms for their tenants. Some apartment buildings may feature a washer and dryer in each individual apartment instead of a dedicated laundry room. The location is entirely up to you, but you should be aware that water damage in upper-level laundry rooms is more likely to affect the rest of the building.

No matter where your laundry room is located, it must be set up correctly to prevent water damage from happening and to limit the amount of damage a leak could cause. Your laundry room must have a floor drain to catch misplaced water. The entrance should feature a raised threshold so that water can’t escape into other rooms in the house. Choose tile or linoleum instead of carpeting for easier cleaning. If you have a lower-level laundry room, you should also install a sump pump to push water outside of the building in the event of heavy rains or indoor water damage. We suggest placing a washer drain pan underneath the washing machine in upper-level laundry rooms. This will limit the water’s ability to spread to lower levels in the event of a leak, overflow, or drain line failure.

As soon as you discover water in the laundry room, you must stop it at the source. That means finding the water valves for the laundry room and shutting them off. These are usually easily accessible. Take a look in your laundry room right now and locate the water valves. If theyre not easy to access, take time to rearrange the room so that you can access them easily and safely in an emergency. By shutting off these valves, you will stop the water from flowing and causing any further damage.

Water damage comes from more than just heavy rains and floods. It can also happen as the result of appliance failures in your own home. Remember that the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster DSI are ready to help you clean up your Mount Vernon, MO home or apartment building at a moment’s notice. Call us at 888-868-6601 to receive immediate assistance.


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