Protect Your Loved One’s Health With Hoarder Cleanup in Branson, MO

Hoarding isn’t just a mental disorder; it affects your loved one’s physical health as well. As they accumulate possessions and clutter, the potential for illness and injury increases. There are additional safety risks as well. Excess clutter can cause a fire if not cleaned effectively. Worse yet, the clutter could prevent help from reaching your loved one if they are thought to be in danger. ServiceMaster DSI aims to prevent these dangers by helping your loved one with hoarder cleanup in the Branson, MO, community.

It seems like a strange thought at first. How can excess clutter cause a person to get sick? Unfortunately, it’s surprisingly easy. A disorganized home is harder to clean, giving bugs, rats, and other pests more places to hide. Infestations often lead to respiratory illnesses, as does mold, which is more difficult to spot in cluttered environments. Our hoarder cleanup experts are able to carefully treat both infestation and mold damage concerns with respect to your loved one and their home.

Biohazards are common problems that hoarder cleanup addresses. Perhaps the bathroom has become inaccessible for proper use. If your loved one has any pets, there may be urine or feces hidden in the clutter that was never cleaned up properly. That leaves both your loved one and their pets in danger of illness. Your loved one’s pets could be taken away if law enforcement suspects they are being neglected or improperly cared for.

Injury is another big concern for individuals with hoarder disorder. Our hoarder cleanup professionals will work with you and your loved one to prevent these injuries from occurring. Residents need clear, walkable pathways in order to move safely around their homes. The more items that are accumulated, the more likely it is for someone to trip over objects and fall. Items stacked precariously could also fall and cause head injuries. If there is an emergency, clutter blocking exits creates an additional hazard for both your loved one and first responders, making it difficult, if not impossible, to get in and out safely. In extreme cases, the weight of the clutter weakens the structural integrity of the home, leading to building damage and serious injury to residents.

The health and safety of your loved ones is our top priority with each of our cleaning services. ServiceMaster DSI offers our hoarder cleanup expertise to the Branson, MO, community with the goal of protecting your loved ones from injury. Living in a cleaner, more organized home will also protect them from illness and infection. Call us today at (417) 895-9685 for more information about our hoarder cleanup services.

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