Protect Your Belongings after a Disaster with Professional Pack Out/Content Storage Services in Springfield, MO

Unfortunately for homeowners, disaster can strike at any time. Fire and flooding are only two examples as to how your home can face a major disaster. When something catastrophic happens, you want to protect what belongings can be saved. And with our pack out/content storage solutions in Springfield, MO, you have professional assistance to ensure your belongings are safe and protected.


After the Disaster

If you have a fire or flooding in your home, your first step is to protect yourself and your loved ones. Once the flames have been extinguished or flooding ceases, you want to remove any salvageable belongings before the repair work begins. With pack out/content storage services, you have professional support when it comes to protecting your possessions.

Each item is inventoried and carefully packed up. The filled boxes are then taken to a climate-controlled warehouse where the items stay until your home has been restored. On-site, the items are cleaned, deodorized, and restored so that they are ready to be used once you can move back into your dwelling.


Service Options

When you take advantage of our pack out/content storage services in Springfield, MO, you are accessing a multistep service. First, we detail each piece that is removed from your property, so we have a record of your belongings. Next, we provide expert packing service so that your belongings are protected.

ServiceMaster DSI’s professional moving services are second to none, and the secure facilities in which we store your items offer climate control, protecting even the finest of antiques. With our facility, you can have digital access to your stored items any time you like. This can help you have peace of mind after going through the disaster of a fire or flooding, and worry less about your personal items.

If your home is affected by fire, protect your belongings by contacting our experts. We can be reached via telephone at (417) 895-9685 and are standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Let our team provide quality restoration and storage solutions for your belongings when you are affected by a disaster in the home.

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