What Stage of Hoarding Needs Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Republic, MO?

You may not realize that hoarding is a progressive mental illness that has stages associated with it. Because hoarding is not fully understood, it may be difficult to gauge when you need professional hoarding cleanup for a loved one in Republic, MO. (Please note that this blog applies only to the need for physical cleanup and doesn’t address the mental health issues that may need to be dealt with, as that will vary from person to person)

First Level: Clutter is evident, but there are no blocked entryways or biohazards in the home. The home may need sanitation and help with going through items to donate to reduce the clutter present.

Second Level: Hallways are crowded, entrances to rooms are blocked, and appliances may not work. The home will have unpleasant odors and may show signs of mold or mildew present. The home needs cleaning, disinfecting, and mold remediation services along with clutter reduction.

Third Level: Structural damage to the home is visible, and the outside of the home may be affected. Rooms in the home may be unusable, and if there are animals present, there may be urine, feces, or signs of other pests. This home will need full-service hoarding cleanup and may also require construction services.

Fourth Level: Obvious mold damage, hazardous wiring, and unusable appliances are the hallmark of this level. The house may also be invaded by animals such as rats, mice, or raccoons. The home will reek of bacteria and mold and may have biohazards present. At this stage, the hoarder may be living in only one room and their health may be compromised. Along with hoarding cleanup services and reconstruction, mental health, county, and state workers need to be present to assist.

Fifth Level: The home is inhabitable. No electricity or running water and a severe pest infestation is present. The occupant may no longer be able to be in the home at all and may be living in a garage, car, or another nearby area, but refuses to give up items inside. Damages at this level may go beyond hoarding cleanup, and the home may need to be razed and reconstructed if the damage is too severe to restore it to pre-loss condition.

If you or a loved one are dealing with a hoarding situation in Republic, MO, please call us. We understand the unique needs of hoarding cleanup and can help you navigate a difficult situation. Contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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