When You Should Have Professional Carpet Cleaning Done in Your Nixa, MO Home

When you have a crazy household, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget things. Maybe you can’t remember where you put the grocery list. Perhaps you don’t know when you last did the laundry or cleaned out your car. Or maybe you’re wondering if your carpeting is due for a cleaning. When is the best time to have that done in your Nixa, MO, home anyway? Is there a worst time? Are you doing all the wrong things when it comes to keeping your carpeting in good shape? If you’re feeling a little lost or confused about carpet cleaning, let ServiceMaster DSI help.


Consider Your Dirtiest Time of Year

When does your home get the most traffic? It could be during the summer months when your kids are coming and going from playing outside. It’s a good idea to place mats in front of every entryway, but this isn’t enough. You still need to have your carpets cleaned! If spring and summer are your “dirty” months, schedule a cleaning soon after. If you tend to get a lot of mud during the spring because of melting snow and ice, schedule a cleaning for summer. It’s up to you and what you feel is best.


Be Consistent With Your Cleaning Schedule

Don’t schedule an oriental rug cleaning whenever the mood strikes you or when you suddenly remember— be more consistent by planning ahead. Do your homework and look for a carpet cleaning company that has experience under its belt. This way, you can ensure you get the best results for your family and your home.

Did you know that carpeting makes up 51% of the U.S. flooring market? Don’t let your carpet fall on hard times. Call ServiceMaster DSI of Nixa, MO for reliable carpet cleaning assistance. You can reach us here.


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