Preserve Your Home from Flood-Related Water Damage with ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield, MO

You may have seen the video posted on earlier this summer of vehicles stuck in a flash flood in Branson, MO. Not only is this terrifying to watch, it is terrifyingly easy to get in this situation yourself. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, flash floods are the biggest cause of flood-related deaths. It is important to follow safety tips for yourself and your home. If you are dealing with an emergency water-damage situation in the Springfield, MO area, call ServiceMaster DSI.

Elevation is Key

Place electrical items and circuits high above the ground to prevent catastrophe if water rushes inside your home. Identifying the flood level in your home is the first step. You’ll have to do a bit of mental calculation to figure out the level, and consult with your insurance agent. Ensure your furnace, furniture, and any valuables are above the flood level.

Prevent Sewage Flow

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes recommends that homeowners install gate valves on all pipes coming into their house. Gate valves are more complex than traditional valve systems and require the homeowner to manually close and open them as needed. However, they are far more resistant to a tide of incoming water due to their complex nature. The extra few minutes of work that opening and closing gate valves entails could save you many hours of cleaning up after a flood.

Seal Walls

Your basement is a likely victim to water seepage during a heavy rainfall. Tiny cracks along the ceiling and floor can let water trickle through. Purchase a waterproof sealant to prohibit cracks from letting excess water inside. If water gets in anyway, you will need to take immediate action, especially if you have carpet. Peel back the carpet and allow it to air dry until you have a professional emergency cleaning service intervene. This will prevent mold growth.

Your home is one of your most important assets. Flooding is common during the rainy summer months in Missouri. Prepare yourself for the worst by thinking ahead and preserving insurance documents in case of an emergency flooding situation. If you have flood-related water damage in your Springfield, Missouri home, call ServiceMaster DSI for all your emergency service needs.

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