Preparing Yourself for Flash Floods and Disaster Restoration in Southwest Missouri

Recently, weather stations have been buzzing about severe storms in the Midwest, with strong winds and the threat of flash floods topping the primary safety concerns. The following simple safety tips can prepare you to take on the risky weather and save your home from storm damage. Remember the number of your local storm damage cleanup experts to ensure you can get the help you need fast. ServiceMaster DSI serves the disaster restoration needs of the Springfield, Branson, and Mount Vernon, MO areas.

Know Flash Flood Dangers

According to the Missouri Department of Public Safety, flash floods can develop unexpectedly and carry large volumes of rock, dirt, pebbles, and whatever else comes into its path. When a dam breaks, it causes a catastrophic water flow similar to a flash flood and is a deadly threat to anyone living downstream. Keep tabs on flooding possibilities during the summer months when storms are more likely to turn into heavy, flood causing rainfall.

Be Mindful During a Flood

Stay out of your vehicle during a flood. You are risking the chance of water carrying you and your car away in the swift and deadly currents. According to the Missouri Department of Public Safety, moving water that is only six inches deep can quickly sweep you off your feet and can also cause vehicles to lose control and stall.

Tune in for Aftermath News

Listening to local news stations after the storm will alert you if water is contaminated and unsafe to drink or use. Be wary of using your vehicle until you are aware of flooded roadways and danger zones. Fallen electrical wires mixed with large amounts of water pose a serious threat to your safety. Assess your home for damage and possible disaster restoration needs. Call your local storm damage restoration experts for a price estimate and a date when the cleanup process can begin.

Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying your summer. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can combat storms with ease. Keep your family and home safe by staying clear of hazardous flood zones and not using your vehicle until you are sure of safe travel. And last but not least, don’t forget to contact ServiceMaster DSI for all your disaster restoration needs this summer in the Springfield, Branson, and Mt. Vernon MO areas.

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