Prepare Your Team for Winter Weather Disasters in Mount Vernon, MO

We are fortunate not to be among those digging out from the massive snowfall that Winter Storm Jonas dumped on the East Coast! We in the Midwest are all too familiar with the dangers that winter weather can throw our way. Jonas is another devastating reminder of what the season can bring. For example, winter storms frequently cause power outages that cut power to the electronic devices you rely on for your business. These power outages also take out your building’s climate controls, putting your building at risk for burst pipes and water damage. These additional problems could bring your business to a screeching halt if not handled correctly by you or your staff. ServiceMaster DSI encourages you to review your winter disaster procedures with your staff and call on us for all your winter disaster restoration needs in Mount Vernon, MO.

Heavy snowfall is easier to clear from walkways if you shovel and apply sidewalk salt regularly. There should be a sturdy shovel and a large container of sidewalk salt located near the main entrance. Remind your employees to take breaks and lift lighter amounts of snow to avoid overexertion.

In the event of a power outage, be prepared to insulate your building’s pipes with materials like newspapers or plastic sheets. This will prevent the need for water-related disaster restoration. You should also turn the faucets to a slight trickle to keep water moving and prevent your pipes from freezing. If a frozen pipe does burst, turn off the water shutoff valve as soon as possible to stop water damage from spreading further.

We rely on electronic devices more and more to store critical business records and data. Recovering this lost data is a form of disaster restoration that is often overlooked. A sudden loss of power caused by severe winter weather could potentially damage these records. We recommend that you back up your data frequently to the cloud or a secondary storage device, in addition to regularly updating a physical copy of your records.

Your local emergency numbers should be listed clearly at the main entrance of the office building for your staff to use if needed. These numbers should include 911, the local non-emergency line, a number where your business managers can be reached, and the numbers for your local utility providers. We recommend adding the ServiceMaster DSI emergency response line to this list so we can be contacted immediately when relief services are needed. Your vendor, client, and employee contact information should also be kept nearby for easy access.

Watch the local forecasts for winter storm warnings and other winter weather advisories. Contact your employees and ask them to remain home if the weather conditions have made the roads unsafe for travel. Consider equipping your staff to work from home if needed. If your business requires people on-site, determine a reduced team of essential staff members who live near your business site.

The Small Business Association provides this handy checklist to guide you through creating a winter emergency plan if your business does not have one in place already. Contact ServiceMaster DSI at 417-868-8111 to keep everyone in your Mount Vernon, MO office building safe using our wide array of disaster restoration services. These services are available to your business any time of day or night using our 24/7/365 emergency response services so you can re-open faster and enjoy peace of mind.

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  1. Great points here. There are a lot of hazards in the winter that can potentially harm your home. It’s important to be vigilant of changes and do what you can to protect your home.

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