How Water Damage Restoration Experts in Springfield, MO Utilize Their Experience to Get Rid of Odors While Performing Cleanup

Ensuring there are no lingering odors after water damage restoration is a challenge technicians in Springfield, MO, face. ServiceMaster DSI is familiar with treating water damage and removing odors.

Today we’ll examine examples of how our professionals utilize their expertise to remove odors that may be present due to water damage.

Water Damage Mitigation and Odor Removal

Knowledge of the Underlying Problem

  • Experts understand that the primary reason for lingering odors after water damage is hidden moisture in some parts of your house
  • Microbial growth due to insufficient drying and high humidity can also cause musty odors

Example #1

Technicians know that if your home has experienced water damage, such as due to a large spill or burst pipe, homeowners may clean up the excess water themselves and have no immediate problems. They may, however, notice musty odors later, particularly on humid days.

This is where our technician’s expertise comes in handy. Water damage restoration professionals specifically select odor removal products that get activated in case the moisture content in the air increases due to high humidity.

Example #2

Professionals understand that to achieve effective deodorization, it’s necessary to keep note of the compatibility between the chemicals they’ll be using.

For example, technicians will be selecting specific deodorizers that remain unaffected by anti-microbials or detergents.

Example #3

Water damage can cause odor-releasing particles to become airborne and seep into different porous materials such as drywall, clothing, and carpets.

Because of this, odors can remain, even after the water is removed. Experts are aware of this type of problem and take the required steps to solve the issue:

  • Technicians utilize advanced equipment, such as a hydroxyl generator, to effectively rid odors from porous materials
  • Another advantage of using a hydroxyl generator is that it destroys odor molecules and ensures such molecules are unable to reform to create odor problems

Example #4

Another cause of odors are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released by specific adhesives as well as building materials when exposed to excessive moisture.

Restoration professionals are fully aware of these issues and as such select appropriate drying procedures to ensure these odors are effectively removed.

These details clearly highlight the importance of experience andtechnical knowledge in water damage restoration tasks. Technicians are not just responsible for cleaning and restoring things; they must also ensure no odor problems return after the work is completed.

You can rely on ServiceMaster DSI for proper and effective water damage cleanup due to the vast experience and training we have. Our technicians have the required certification and expertise to perform water damage restoration tasks according to strict industry standards.

If you’re in need of water damage restoration, contact us immediately at (417) 895-9685. We’ll dispatch a team of expert technicians to analyze the extent of the water damage at your home in Springfield, MO, and begin the cleanup process.

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