3 Things in Your Nixa, MO, Home That Can Cause Problems and Lead to Water Damage Restoration

When most people think about water damage in their home, they naturally think of natural disasters like flooding or perhaps even water damage sustained from firefighting efforts when a home catches on fire. However, there are three more commonplace things in every Nixa, MO, home that can cause water damage.

1. Home Appliances: Many appliances in your home can cause water damage if they are faulty or just plain old and worn out. Hoses that supply water to washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, and dishwashers can develop leaks, and in a matter of minutes, you could have hundreds of gallons of water seeping through your floor, subfloor, and even into other levels of your home. The most common scenario for severe water damage in this situation is the homeowner who turns on the dishwasher and then heads out to work, only to return to a flooded home.

2. Plumbing: Faulty or old plumbing can cause damage in toilets, sinks, utility tubs and kitchen sinks. Old homes that aren’t used to a cold snap may not have proper insulation around the pipes, and although rare, a few cases of burst pipes when the temperatures have dipped low in Nixa, MO, have occurred. Other more common issues are grease buildups in sinks or tree roots that grow into sewer lines, causing backups of sewage which can not only be unpleasant but can be dangerous to be around. If you encounter sewage in any part of your home, don’t attempt to clean it yourself, instead, contact ServiceMaster DSI for professional water damage restoration.

3. Roofing: Damaged or weakened roofing materials can allow water through causing damage to ceilings and walls. In some cases, it can also get into your attic, and you may not even realize the presence of water damage until it’s too late. If the water is trapped in the insulation, you may find yourself with a mold problem as well. Make sure to inspect your roof yearly for missing shingles and loose tiles and take note of all areas inside that have venting around them to make sure you don’t see the tell-tale signs of water damage.

When you need water damage restoration, you need it fast to prevent further damage to your home. We’re available 24/7/365 to service you in Nixa, MO. Contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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