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April Showers Bring May Flowers and Potential Water Damage to Your Home

Spring is a welcome change from the brutally cold weather of winter. April heralds needed rains, beautiful May flowers and, potentially, water damage. Older homes are more likely to experience water leaks and other water-related problems that can lead to pesky indoor water damage. Floors, walls, and items in your home are susceptible to water […]

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Green-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Springfield, MO Can Save Your Lung Health

Spring cleaning can be a drag. Carpet cleaning is often the last thing we consider when tidying our house for the warmer weather. Bright, fresh smelling carpet can make a huge difference for any home. Often homeowners decide to just install new carpeting instead of regularly maintaining their current flooring. Well-kept carpet will not only […]

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Green-Friendly Water Removal Tips for Springfield, MO Residents

Water damage can come in many different forms and scales large and small. Warm springtime weather often brings threats of heavy rain upon our homes and businesses. After a flooding event it is important that all surfaces and materials touched by flood waters be fully dried. Caution should also be exercised to protect your home […]

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Check Your Home Appliances to Avoid Water Damage

Regular house maintenance is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. As the spring season rolls around, with it come spring cleaning and fixing damage experienced over the cold months. Water damage can sneak up on even the sharpest homeowners, considering it comes from the very machines that we use daily. Once water has […]

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How to Avoid Water Damage From Spring Flooding

If you checked the National Weather Service website recently, you may have noticed March 15-21 was Flood Safety Awareness Week. Spring flooding is a threat that comes along with the changing seasons. Warmer weather means melting snow and ice, creating overflow in streets and around your home. Combined with heavy spring rainfall, it is important […]

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3 Ways to Eliminate Mold Threats

As the spring season draws nears, so does the time to completely clean your home! Dusting, polishing, carpet cleaning, and even cleaning out your closet – you likely have a to-do list that is even longer than you think is possible to accomplish in the short spring months ahead. Despite all the work you may have in […]

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Fire Pit Safety Tips for Springfield, MO Residents

Spring is almost here! It’s tantalizingly close! The birds are loudly chirping and the sunlight grows longer every day! Soon you’ll be tempted to break out the firewood, s’mores, and invite your friends over for a spring time bonfire. In previous months, you may have been warned about the dangers of forest fires in the […]

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Spring Cleaning Services for Businesses in Springfield, MO

Picture this: it’s a beautiful spring day, and business is booming. Customers couldn’t be happier to no longer be cooped up inside their homes, and your shop looks great. The sun has finally come out from its shell of clouds, and the thick snow banks of this cold winter are no more. You’ve worked hard […]

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Spring Carpet Cleaning Services for Springfield, MO Homes

Warm weather is right around the corner and with the melting of snow also comes the ritual of “spring cleaning.” We have those dusty corners that haven’t seen too much sunlight during the drab overcast skies of winter, and floors that are stained from pets and shoes tracking in dirty snow and salt. DYI carpet […]

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Mold Growth Prevention Tips for Homeowners in Springfield, MO

Mold removal can be a pain to do yourself. It’s messy, smelly, and harmful to your health if you are facing the wrong species of mold. Preventing mold in your home can save you a lot of work in the future and also keep you in good health. There are a couple surefire ways to […]

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