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How to Avoid Construction Service Scams After a Storm in Springfield, MO

When your home or commercial building has been damaged by a severe storm, you are overwhelmed by the unexpected destruction and worried about the costs for repair. You are also the perfect target for contractor scams. ServiceMaster DSI wants you to know how to avoid such scams and get the construction services you need in […]

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7 Myths about Severe Weather Busted | ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield, MO

The Springfield and Branson, MO area is no stranger to thunderstorms, tornadoes and floods and if you’ve lived here your whole life you might think you know everything about severe weather do’s and don’ts. While ServiceMaster DSI usually deals with disaster restoration in the aftermath of storm damage, we have this little challenge for you: […]

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Don’t Let Fire Damage Put a Damper on Your Summer in Springfield, MO

Fires can strike during any season, even during the warm summer months, and damage many parts of your home. From dry wall to carpet, a burnt room will need to be totally renovated. During that stressful time, calling a professional cleaning service is a solid option to figure out what your next step should be. […]

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Mold Removal Hazards for the Summer Months in Springfield

Mold is a word that carries with it a heavy burden. Removing it yourself can be expensive, messy, and disheartening. When you find that fuzzy, nasty, colored substance growing on pipes and in the air vents in your home, it is a scary and unwelcome occurrence. Not only can mold be dangerous to those who […]

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Keep Upholstery Clean this Summer With These Easy Tips!

There are so many things in every home that can ruin furniture. It’s crushing to spend all morning cleaning the house only to have your cleanly fantasies swept away by a tide of children, pets and guests. Following these simple tips can extend the life of your clean upholstery so that you can spend more […]

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