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Fire Pit Safety Tips for Springfield, MO Residents

Spring is almost here! It’s tantalizingly close! The birds are loudly chirping and the sunlight grows longer every day! Soon you’ll be tempted to break out the firewood, s’mores, and invite your friends over for a spring time bonfire. In previous months, you may have been warned about the dangers of forest fires in the […]

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Spring Cleaning Services for Businesses in Springfield, MO

Picture this: it’s a beautiful spring day, and business is booming. Customers couldn’t be happier to no longer be cooped up inside their homes, and your shop looks great. The sun has finally come out from its shell of clouds, and the thick snow banks of this cold winter are no more. You’ve worked hard […]

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Spring Carpet Cleaning Services for Springfield, MO Homes

Warm weather is right around the corner and with the melting of snow also comes the ritual of “spring cleaning.” We have those dusty corners that haven’t seen too much sunlight during the drab overcast skies of winter, and floors that are stained from pets and shoes tracking in dirty snow and salt. DYI carpet […]

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Mold Growth Prevention Tips for Homeowners in Springfield, MO

Mold removal can be a pain to do yourself. It’s messy, smelly, and harmful to your health if you are facing the wrong species of mold. Preventing mold in your home can save you a lot of work in the future and also keep you in good health. There are a couple surefire ways to […]

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House Fire Prevention Tips for Homeowners in Springfield, MO

Winter is as pesky a time as any for home fires. You may relate fires with hot temperatures or unattended stove tops, but heating your home is one of the leading causes of residential fires. If you think ahead and properly winterize your home, you can save yourself a headache later and save money too! […]

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Two Ways to Prevent Winter Flooding in Springfield, MO

Winter may seem like an unlikely time to see water damage in your home, but with the chance of freezing cold weather cracking a pipe, winter is just as likely of a time for you to need help with a water damage problem. Springfield, MO sees a lot of below-freezing temperatures in addition to snowfall […]

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Tips for Preventing Winter Carpet Stains in Springfield, MO

A clean aesthetic is a sure way to attract customers to your business. Sloppy desks, mismatched furniture, and dirty carpet are just a few distractions that can keep customers from returning. From busy department stores to doctors’ offices, it is important to keep a neat interior. Keeping carpet clean can be one of the biggest […]

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What to Do After an Office Fire in Springfield, MO

  A damaging fire is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Imagine everything you’ve worked for burnt to a crisp, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Even though most fires aren’t completely catastrophic, any fire damage can cost you and your business dearly. Replacing signage, removing smoke and burn damage, and replacing burnt materials are […]

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Winter Restoration Services for Springfield, MO Businesses

Managing your business’ office space can be an owner’s biggest headache. Disaster always seems to strike at the worst possible time. Flooding, accidental fires, and mold all pop up when you’re least expecting them. Luckily, you have ServiceMaster DSI standing by to service all of your water damage restoration, fire restoration, mold removal, and carpet […]

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