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Handling Large Scale Flood Damage with Water Damage Restoration in Springfield, MO

The recent heavy rains and flooding across the Ozarks left large portions of the Greene County and Springfield Metro areas partially underwater. After immediate secure-and-rescue actions are taken, the next step is to begin extracting water from homes and businesses. Once the bulk of the water has been removed, the damage must be assessed. At […]

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Debris Found in Floodwaters Call for Water Damage Restoration Springfield, MO

Although the Mississippi River and Missouri River run far north and east of Springfield, the city is still surrounded by water. With the James River, creeks, tributaries, and lakes running through or close to the metro area, Springfield is, in many ways, saturated and the risk of natural flooding is very real. At ServiceMaster DSI, […]

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Prepare Your Team for Winter Weather Disasters in Mount Vernon, MO

We are fortunate not to be among those digging out from the massive snowfall that Winter Storm Jonas dumped on the East Coast! We in the Midwest are all too familiar with the dangers that winter weather can throw our way. Jonas is another devastating reminder of what the season can bring. For example, winter […]

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Four Signs You May Need Mold Removal in Springfield, MO

Mold is a tricky little critter. Its spores exist virtually everywhere, and it needs very little to thrive. Before you know it, you may have a serious mold infestation on your hands. Knowing the signs of the beginning of a mold infestation can keep the destructive organism out of your home or business. If you’ve […]

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