How Leaves Play into the Need for Water Damage Restoration in Your Branson, MO Home

What causes water damage? To many people, floods and leaky plumbing are the culprits that come to mind. What else could possibly bring about the need to hire a water damage restoration company? Actually, water damage is more than the result of poor pipe maintenance or natural disasters. Believe it or not, something as simple and innocent as leaves can cause water damage! How is this the case? Can you really believe this claim? Keep reading to discover the answers. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts await your call or email in Branson, MO.

Leaves Clog Rain Gutters and Downspouts

As you go through your day-to-day tasks, you probably don’t think about the outside of your home. How can you when you have to wash the dishes, get the kids to school, and go to work? If you don’t take care of your rain gutters and downspouts, however, you could run into big water damage problems. If they become clogged with leaves, the water will overflow and find other routes to go, like into your house! Whether by seeping beneath the roofing and into the attic, or under the siding and into the walls, it can create a huge mess requiring the services of a water damage remediation company.

Leaves Don’t Allow Moisture to Evaporate

If your roof is covered in leaves and it rains or snows, the moisture won’t be able to evaporate. This is a recipe for disaster. Before it even starts to rain or snow, take a good look at your roof and get rid of the leaves as quickly as possible. If you have piles of leaves in your yard, take care of them, too.

If you experience water damage despite your best efforts, be sure to contact a professional water damage restoration company. They have the tools and knowledge necessary to give you the best results.

About 40% of American homeowners claim they have experienced loss as the result of water damage. Call ServiceMaster DSI of Branson, MO for reliable water damage restoration assistance. You can reach us here.


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