Keep the Humidity in Your Home Balanced and Prevent Mold Removal in Springfield, MO with ServiceMaster DSI

The fall season is upon us, bringing with it the possibility of mold growth in residential homes. While there a few things you can do prevent mold over the course of a long winter, if you do need mold removal help. Call ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield, MO for proper mold remediation.

Watch the Thermostat

As the cold weather approaches, we tend to shut up our homes more. This means that air cannot enter the house, and a tightly insulated area is created. As the thermostat temperature goes up, so does the humidity level. Mold naturally grows in dark, humid areas like under trees and in basements. Keep a careful eye for mold in “hot-spot” areas such as under sinks, behind washers and dryers, and by leaky pipes. Also, watch your thermostat levels. Try to keep the temperature balanced in your home, as anything too hot or too cold can throw humidity levels off.

Combat Humidity

Achieving balanced humidity in your home can save you a lot of stress. As the weather gets cooler, your home may start to feel stuffy or muggy if the humidity levels are higher than normal. You can also tell that the humidity level is unbalanced if condensation is forming in your windows. The first step towards mitigating the problem is purchasing a humidifier or two. Place them in larger rooms in your home, like in a living room or bedroom. This will help the air seem less muggy and also prevent mold growth.

As you begin the process of evaluating your home for ways to fix a humidity problem, consider a couple of tips. Fix leaky pipes to avoid getting more moisture into the air (this will also help prevent mold growth!). Next, re-caulk the area around your windows to avoid fractures in the wall; preventing outdoor air from getting in will help keep the humidity balanced. Make sure the insulation in your attic and walls is intact, as this will preserve a cozy temperature and stop cool air from getting in. Finally, remember to call ServiceMasterDSI for all the mold removal help you need in Springfield, MO!

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