How to Avoid Water Damage From Spring Flooding

If you checked the National Weather Service website recently, you may have noticed March 15-21 was Flood Safety Awareness Week. Spring flooding is a threat that comes along with the changing seasons. Warmer weather means melting snow and ice, creating overflow in streets and around your home. Combined with heavy spring rainfall, it is important to keep in mind the dangers that flooding can pose to your safety. Luckily, crisis damage experts can help you remove water from your home. For all water damage needs, ServiceMaster DSI is available on their 24-hour hotline, serving Springfield, Mount Vernon, and Branson. Below you will find some helpful tips to ensure you won’t fall victim to a water damage accident this spring season.

In 2006, the average flood claim was $34,000. Way more than you thought? Water damage can cost you tens of thousands if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Make sure your insurance coverage is adequate and up-to-date in case of an emergency.

Check appliances regularly, especially boiler tanks, clothes washers, dish washers, showers, and bathtubs. A leaky pipe can burst unexpectedly, flooding your basement or bathroom with large amounts of water.

Always keep valuables in safe, high places. The more easily accessible they are to you (and not to the rising water) the happier you will be in case of a random accident or flood. Electronics, porcelain, books, and important papers are just some of the many things you would not want water to damage. Always make a disaster plan ahead of time to ensure a quick reaction if a flood were to occur in your area or even inside your home!

As the warmer seasons approach, the last thing you want to think about is a disaster damaging your home. Water damage can not only destroy any object in the immediate area, it can cost you thousands of dollars and hours of work. Having a great source in your area for damage control and prevention advice can be a life saver. ServiceMaster DSI can help you figure out a personalized plan for your water damage troubles while also making it affordable. Spring rain isn’t all bad though…it does bring wonderful May flowers!

3 thoughts on “How to Avoid Water Damage From Spring Flooding

  1. A neighbor had a flood in his home, and it got me worried about my home. So I plan on checking all my pipes, appliances, and checking the bathrooms to make sure they are safe. This way I can start preventing something like a flood.

  2. Well said! about avoiding water damage. Still people are not aware about its consequences, where this article really helps them to save their carpet getting mold from this water.

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