The Importance of Hiring a Professional Firm for the Task of Hoarding Cleanup in Republic, MO

Hoarding refers to the accumulation of unnecessary items over a period of time. This can create an unhealthy and unsafe environment within your Republic, MO, home. Cleaning such a huge amount of unnecessary things can be a very difficult task. If your home or the home of a loved one is in this condition, it will be necessary to appoint a professional firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI, to perform hoarding cleanup. Our professionals have the required experience and expertise to carry out such a task efficiently, while remaining sensitive to the situation.

Today we’ll look at the reasons people tend to hoard, and then we will examine some of the main benefits of hiring a professional firm for the task of hoarder house cleanup.

Different Levels of Hoarding – Low | Guarded | Elevated | High | Severe

 The Main Reason People Hoard

Compulsive hoarding disorder could be the main reason behind the hoarding behavior. This disorder makes the hoarder find it hard to throw away things that you and other people may believe to be of insignificant value.

Gradually, such things start building up, eventually creating a significant amount of clutter within the house and making it difficult to perform any activity or live normally.

Hoarding Causes – Clutter | Fire Risk | Unsafe & Unhealthy Living Environment | Structural Damage

 Why hire professionals for hoarding cleanup?

It’s likely that the people performing the cleanup will have to work with a person who has a disorder. This is where appointing a professional firm becomes important, since the professionals have the required experience with such cleanup tasks and will perform the work in a compassionate and respectful manner.

They have a complete knowledge of the emotional challenges that the hoarder will face during the cleanup process and they will try to make the person feel relaxed while cleanup is being performed.

Some of the other benefits of using the services of professionals include:

The Expertise to Properly Interact With Hoarders

Trained and experienced technicians have the required creativity and communication skills to help hoarders understand the need for cleanup. They are able to negotiate properly to get unnecessary things removed from the house.

For instance, while cleaning up a hoarder house, professionals may take photographs of things so that the hoarder feels assured that their memories have been preserved and therefore agrees to their removal.

Competency to Control the Speed of Work

It’s likely that a hoarder will feel disturbed while cleanup work is being performed, and even more so during the early stages. As such, knowledgeable professionals will take steps to control the speed of the cleanup tasks by taking into consideration how the hoarder is reacting to them.

If anyone in your family is facing the problem of hoarding, making hoarding cleanup necessary, you should get in touch with ServiceMaster DSI in Republic, MO. Our professionals have several years of experience performing such tasks and will take into consideration the psychological aspect of the cleanup process.

Call our customer support number at (417) 895-9685 today for more information.

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Hiring a Professional Firm for the Task of Hoarding Cleanup in Republic, MO

  1. Good afternoon,

    I am working with a non-profit program in Springfield, Safe and Sanitary Homes. It is a program providing community referrals, including counseling (this is to prevent a high probability of relapse). We then assist with the clean-up, providing volunteers and compassion.

    First, thank you for working closely with the hoarding population. Second, would your company ever be willing to work with our clients who live in the Springfield area? If yes, what are the fees or intake process? If no, would it be possible to work with the West side of Springfield?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

    Corey White

  2. I really like how it’s important to act with compassion whenever helping with a cleanup in a house or any other location for that matter. I lived in a house with roommates that hoarded a lot of different home decor and clothing. Cleaning can really help make a space feel new and I will start looking at professional services if I ever need one myself.

  3. My mom has been a hoarder for years and I am so glad that I found this article because you make a great point that professionals will have the experience and knowledge of the emotional challenges in the process and will help the person feel relaxed while the clean up is happening. Also, the will be able to understand the things that are unnecessary and negotiate ways to get them out of the house. My mom will definitely benefit from this and I will tell her about hoarder cleaning options.

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