Signs of Hoarding in Seniors and Why You Need Professional Hoarding Cleanup Help in Ozark, MO

It’s not unusual for people to accumulate things. Maybe you have a large collection of teacups in your kitchen, or you go out of your way to buy unusual figurines while on vacation. Some people, however, take it too far. They’re known as hoarders. Seniors can become hoarders, and it’s important to know the signs if you fear a loved one has this problem. Here’s a few tips that can help you determine if a senior in your life has a hoarding problem and you need to contact hoarding cleanup experts in Ozark, MO.

They Have Trouble Parting with Items

Are they unable to throw something away, even if it’s dirty and broken? Do they have heaps of magazines and newspapers in the family room they won’t get rid of, no matter what you say? How about piles of old, tattered clothing they haven’t worn in years? When you suggest they do some cleaning, do they get angry and try to start a fight? Has this become an endless cycle that you can’t seem to free anyone from? If so, you’re probably looking at a case of hoarding.

Doorways, Windows, And Other Openings Are Blocked

They could be piling items in front of openings and doorways in their home. Rooms and hallways are stacked with so much stuff they can only be navigated via narrow pathways. If you have to climb over a mess to see inside a room, or you can’t see inside the house, you need to enlist the services of a hoarder cleanup crew as soon as possible.

The Home Is Infested with Pests

Did you see a rat or roach scurrying across the kitchen floor? Do you feel like the senior in question has thousands of invisible (and not so invisible) roommates? It’s important to talk to a hoarding cleanup company. They can assess the situation and help everyone regain control.

About 1.4 million people in America are affected by a hoarding disorder. Call ServiceMaster DSI of Ozark, MO for reliable hoarding cleanup assistance. You can reach us here.

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