How a Hoarding Cleanup Helps Pets in Branson, MO

Many people know about hoarders. Some may have learned about them while watching a reality TV show, while others may have grown up in a hoarder’s home. No matter how people learn about them, they know that hoarding isn’t good. They know hoarding can potentially ruin lives, even if the hoarder doesn’t realize that their actions lead to problems.

What may not occur to the hoarders and their loved ones, however, is how hoarding can harmfully affect any pets living in the home and cause them to needlessly suffer. When hoarding jeopardizes safety and quality of life in Branson, MO, a hoarding cleanup is incredibly necessary to help all involved, including pets.


A Cleaner Space to Move Around and Breathe In

Pets, in order to be happy and healthy, need to live in an environment where they can move around freely. They need to be able to breathe clean air without issues. When a pet is forced to live in a hoarding situation (and no thorough hoarding cleanup has taken place), they’re unable to be themselves. In addition, when there are piles of items everywhere, there’s a risk there might be an avalanche, trapping the pet and potentially causing pain, injury, or worse, death. The owner may not even know something has happened to their pet until it’s too late. This is sad and dangerous.


Access to Clean Food and Water

If you don’t perform a biohazard cleanup in a hoarder’s home, it’s difficult for a pet to have access to clean food and water. Dust, dander, dirt, feces, insects, and other harmful items could get into the food. The pet could eat something long past its expiration date or toxic to dogs or cats.


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