What to Ask a Hoarding Cleanup Company Before You Hire Them in Republic, MO

Hiring a hoarding cleanup company, to some people, might appear to be easy and straightforward. You pick a name out of the phone book, check reviews online, and then hire them. That’s all you need to do, right? While it’s a good idea to read reviews, you should also talk to friends and neighbors and see if they have any recommendations for cleaners in Republic, MO.


Once you have a few companies in mind, you should ask them a series of questions to make sure they’re reliable and the real deal. At ServiceMaster DSI, we encourage questions because we want you to feel confident and safe when you hire us. When looking for a hoarding cleanup company, make sure you ask the following questions.


What does the hoarding cleanup company remove from homes?

Before you hire a hoarding cleanup company, you need to make sure they can handle your specific situation. Not all companies are licensed or equipped to handle hazardous materials such as animal waste, mold, or biohazardous materials. However, ServiceMaster DSI has all of the necessary licenses to handle your specific situation. The consequences of mishandling these types of materials are serious. Your home won’t be properly cleaned, people can become ill due to exposure, and contamination of other locations can occur.  If a company isn’t able to tackle these types of scenarios, look elsewhere.


How long should the job take?

While every hoarding cleanup situation is different and the time it takes to complete varies, a job shouldn’t drag out. It’s important to get quotes from different hoarding cleanup companies to determine the average amount of time your job should take. This will help you avoid companies who overquote their time just to charge you more.


How does the company perform hoarding cleanup?

Hoarding cleanup is more complex than just removing everything from the home. Those who struggle with a hoarding disorder suffer from severe anxiety associated with their belongings. The idea of parting with items, even those of no worth, may cause a hoarder to shut down or panic. The way a hoarding company carries out cleanup is essential to its success. A company should be compassionate, work closely with the hoarder and their support network, and follow the guidelines set by the hoarder to ensure they are comfortable throughout the process.


ServiceMaster DSI provides compassionate hoarding cleanup for a variety of scenarios. We are licensed to handle hazardous materials, will get the job done quickly, and ensure the hoarder feels comfortable throughout the whole process. Call ServiceMaster DSI of Republic, MO at (417) 895-9685 for reliable hoarding cleanup assistance that keeps your satisfaction as a priority, or fill out a service request form for more information.


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