Does Your Family Member Need Hoarding Cleanup in Branson, MO? The Five Stages of Hoarding

If you’re dealing with a loved one that you suspect has a hoarding problem in Branson, MO, it can be challenging to decide when they need professional help. While we all have that messy relative who can’t seem to keep anything tidy, hoarding is a much more severe problem. As time passes and their home fills with more unneeded items, the stages of hoarding can increase. When do you know it’s gone to the point that you need help? As soon as you can see the person is overwhelmed and can’t seem to cope with the issue. How do you know when they need hoarding cleanup services? To help you understand, here are the stages of hoarding so you can determine when intervention is needed.

  • Stage 1 Hoarding
    • The Home: Piles, clutter, papers, and newspapers piling up; a room that may be dedicated to hoarded items
    • Mentally: Minor anxiety, assurances that they will correct the problem
  • State 2 Hoarding
    • The Home: Storage room is full, piles in hallways, appliances may not be working, some areas in the home may be difficult to get to
    • Mentally: Aware that they are being judged, paranoia, increased justifications. May start shutting out friends and stop going out as much
  • Stage 3 Hoarding
    • The Home: Pests may be invading the home, entire rooms inaccessible, clutter becomes filth, structural damage to the house is apparent if they have pets they are not being cared for
    • Mentally: Unable to hold a job, personal grooming may decrease significantly, spurns help from family
  • Stage 4 Hoarding
    • The Home: Hoarder is living in one area of the home as the rest is inaccessible, structural issues in the house are a significant issue, major fire hazards and pathogens present
    • Mentally: Withdrawn, not answering calls or door, not paying bills, and a significant mental health breakdown is occurring
  • Stage 5 Hoarding
    • The Home: House is full and no longer safe, hoarder may not even be able to access the home and may be living in a garage or car
    • Mentally: Can only concentrate on one task such as feeding themselves, entirely withdrawn from friends, family, society

Hoarding is a heartbreaking disease and very difficult for family members to cope with or understand. If a loved one needs help with hoarding cleanup services in Branson, MO, ServiceMaster DSI can help. We have the experience, compassion, and training for hoarding cleanup, and will work with local mental health professionals. Don’t feel alone in this. We can help you with our discreet and through hoarder cleanup no matter what stage it’s in. For more information, please contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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