Signs of Hoarding and Why You Should Use a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Company in Branson, MO

Many people have messy homes in Branson, MO. It’s not unusual to walk into a room and see a pile of old magazines or a few unused toys. However, if somebody has too many items in their home, they might be a hoarder. Do you suspect that you or somebody you care about is a hoarder? What are the signs that you need to look out for?

Rooms That Are Overly Cluttered and Unusable

Are you no longer able to use the guestroom or kitchen because it’s so filled with clutter? Do you have to climb over furniture or clothes just to get a good look inside the room? Do you have to create a “path” just to get through a room? Are you unable to remember the last time you saw or used the kitchen table? This is a big sign of hoarding and should not be taken lightly.

Broken or Moldy Items That Continue to Stay in the Home

Maybe you have a moldy old book that you’ve never been able to throw out. Perhaps a broken chair sits in your living room but you can’t bring yourself to give it away or take the time to fix it. If you have unusable items in your home that continue to sit there despite their junk status, you could be a hoarder. In that case, hoarder cleanup might be necessary.

You Can’t Use Your Plumbing or Appliances Anymore

Your bathtub is filled with rolls of toilet paper or boxes. Your kitchen sink has so many dirty dishes in it, you don’t know where to begin. You can’t find the coffee maker anymore. Everything is chaotic.

Contact a Reliable Hoarding Cleanup Company as Soon as Possible

A professional hoarding cleanup company will understand how stressful and personal the cleanup process can be. They will work with you to ensure the best possible results.

Almost 1.4 million people are affected by compulsive hoarding in the US. Contact ServiceMaster DSI of Branson, MO, for reliable hoarding cleanup assistance. The number is (417) 868-8111.


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