What to Do Before You Hire a Professional Hoarder Cleanup Company in Mount Vernon, MO

When the time comes to perform hoarding cleanup in Mount Vernon, MO, it can be stressful for everyone involved, from friends to neighbors to relatives. Where do you start? What are you supposed to do while you go through the motions? Some people get discouraged and give up before they get too far, but the situation doesn’t have to feel hopeless. You can’t do it alone. Hiring a professional cleanup company like ServiceMaster DSI will ensure that you get the results you need. Finding the right company might seem impossible, but if you take a look at the tips below, you should be able to move forward with confidence. If you have any questions about hoarder cleanup, call the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI at (417) 895-9685.

Take Pictures of Valuable and Otherwise Important Items

Before you contact a cleaning company, you need to gather important information about belongings that absolutely must be saved during the cleaning process. Maybe you have an old tea set that belonged to a grandparent, or perhaps you would like to recover a child’s drawing. If you have any pictures of them on your phone, a computer, or in a photo album, be sure to use them for reference. Don’t have pictures? Write down detailed descriptions of those items. If you’re not sure about something, ask a loved one for help.

Take the Time to Research Companies

Some people are in such a hurry to get the process of cleaning up a hoarder house started that they hire the first company they come across. This is a mistake. Take the time to visit the websites of cleanup companies and read reviews. Ask around your community.

Come Up With a Plan

What do you want to happen during the cleaning process? Should an area be set aside to look through items? When working with a firm like ServiceMaster DSI, the professionals will work with you to develop a plan that keeps your best interests in mind.

ServiceMaster DSI understand that a hoarding situation is delicate and difficult for everyone involved. Our professionals are specially trained to perform an efficient cleanup and to treat the situation with the compassion and sensitivity it requires. We are also trained to repair any damage to the building caused by hoarding to ensure that the space is safe to inhabit.

If you need assistance with cleaning up after a hoarder, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI of Mount Vernon, MO, for reliable hoarder cleanup.

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