The Hidden Benefits of Hoarding Cleanup in Springfield, MO

For most people who live in a hoarding situation in Springfield, MO, hoarding cleanup addresses issues regarding health and wellness. When grime settles on piles of items and rodents move in, residents may develop severe and chronic health issues. While promoting health and wellness is one of the leading benefits of cleaning a hoarder home, there are others that often go unaddressed. The hoarding cleanup pros at ServiceMaster DSI are here to help and share some of the other benefits of cleanup!

Find Lost Jewelry and Other Valuable Items

When you clear away old newspapers and expired soup cans, you may just come across family heirlooms (jewelry, furniture, etc.). If not heirlooms, it’s still possible to come across items that mean a lot to the hoarder. Finding these items can help take away some of the stress and pain that comes with hoarder cleanup. The hoarder may find additional value in the cleanup and feel a little less reluctant to keep the process going. After all, who knows what else lies buried in that pile in the living room waiting to be found?

Make Money by Selling Salvageable Items

If something isn’t broken or soiled, it’s possible to sell it. This can help a hoarder recover from a bad financial situation, or at least help them earn a bit of extra spending money. When you hire ServiceMaster DSI, we perform a hoarding cleanup that will help you discover salvageable items, so you can improve the life of you or your loved one.

Find Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup is a huge step for a hoarder and can help them reclaim their home and their life. Our professionals are compassionate and effective. We work with the hoarder and their support network to make the processes as smooth as possible.

Call ServiceMaster DSI of Springfield, MO for reliable hoarding cleanup assistance that keeps your satisfaction at the forefront. You can reach us at (417) 895-9685, fill out a service request form  for more information.

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