How to Prevent Flooding in Your Garage to Avoid Needing Water Damage Restoration in Springfield, MO

When homeowners think about flooding, many assume it can’t possibly happen to them. Floods happen elsewhere — not Springfield, MO, or at least, not in their neighborhood. It could be because they have never experienced a flood before or because they think it can only happen to people who live by a large body of water. Actually, floods can happen anywhere, even during the hot months of the year. Every part of your home can be vulnerable, including your garage. How do you protect your garage in the event of a flood, and how can you avoid the need for water damage restoration assistance? Is it even possible to protect your property?


Fix Your Landscaping

Believe it or not, your landscaping can affect your ability to prevent garage flooding. Plants, shrubs, and trees on your lawn, for example, can change the course of water flow and where it goes when it floods. These plantings also absorb water, so it’s important to be careful with your landscape layout. Talk to a professional about your options. If you try to handle landscaping yourself, you could actually make the possibility of flooding worse and end up dealing with water damage restoration.


Check for Foundation Flaws

Check for cracks and any other flaws in the foundation of your home. It’s important to find these flaws before any flooding occurs so you will have less of a headache later down the line. If you see mold, look into mold removal as mold can spread and cause potential health issues. Don’t assume that all is well with your foundation—something could very well pop up when you least expect it.


Even the best prepared home can fall victim to flooding. If your house needs water damage restoration, call ServiceMaster DSI of Springfield, MO, for reliable and expert assistance to restore your home. You can reach us at (417) 868-8111 or click here for more information.

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