Flooding 101: What to do After Your Crawlspace or Basement Floods

If you live in an area prone to flooding or heavy rains, then you must be prepared for water to potentially enter your home. Crawlspaces and basements often flood due to heavy rains which can lead to major damage in your home. What do you do if you have water pouring into your crawlspace or basement? Having the right disaster restoration team by your side in Ozark, MO can help!


Stay Safe

If your basement or crawlspace is flooding, it’s important to stay safe. You might want to jump into the water and try to save items, but this can be a health hazard. If the water contains sewage or is high enough to reach electrical components, you could be in danger.

Avoid any contact with standing water. Wait until our disaster restoration team arrives at your Ozark, MO home. If you’ve contacted the fire department or an electrician, they can help to safely turn the power off.

If you have a gas line and can shut it off safely, do so. It’s common for a gas leak to occur after flooding in the home. If you know that the water contains sewage, avoid it. Contamination could result in contact with pathogens that can make you or your loved ones sick.


Professional Assistance

When it comes to flooding and disaster restoration in your Ozark, MO home, it’s best to let the experts handle the cleanup. With help by the professionals, your home can be restored to its former state, with no worry of harming yourself or finding mold or mildew in the future.

Follow the safety protocols mentioned when your home basement or crawlspace becomes flooded. Contact our office as soon as possible to start the process of restoration. With our help, your home will be back to normal in no time. Find out more about our disaster options for your home by calling our office today.


Contact our team at (417) 895-9685 for immediate assistance. We are happy to provide information about our disaster restoration services or visit your home if you have a flooding issue.


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