Benefits of Appointing a Professional Flood Damage Restoration Firm for Cleanup and Restoration of Homes in Branson, MO

Floods can result in significant damage to your property and belongings, making flood damage restoration necessary. By hiring a professional firm like ServiceMaster DSI, you can be sure that all aspects of your home’s restoration will be taken care of properly. Today we will look into some of the benefits of hiring a professional for the restoration of your home in Branson, MO.

What are the benefits of appointing a professional firm for flood damage cleanup?

Professionals have the required experience to understand what is to be discarded and what can possibly be salvaged after flood damage has occurred. Let’s look at some of the important decisions they have to make.

Do floor tiles contain asbestos? – During cleanup, flood damage restoration professionals will have to check whether rigid floor tiles are installed in the house. If these tiles were installed before 1970, extra precaution will be necessary since it is likely that they will contain asbestos.

If the technicians are anticipating that the tiles will be disturbed while cleanup is performed, they will spray water on them. Wet tiles will release less asbestos than dry tiles.

Do plaster walls have insulation? – If the plaster walls have insulation and such insulation gets wet, the restoration professionals will have no option but to remove it. On the other hand, if there is no insulation, it will be relatively easy for technicians to clean and restore the plaster walls.

What condition are porous materials in? – Flood damage restoration technicians will have to analyze whether porous materials such as mattresses and pillows have been completely soaked. If they have, they will have to be discarded since cleaning and disinfecting them will be quite difficult.

The same action will be taken for other porous plastic and wooden items (like pacifiers or wooden spoons) that have been contaminated by flood waters.

Are food items safe for use? – Flood damage cleanup technicians will have to check how well any food items are sealed in order to make a decision about keeping or discarding them.

  • If jars have sealants such as cellophane, waxed paper, or foil sealants, restoration professionals will have to discard them
  • If food items (such as mayonnaise or salad dressings) are in boxes with cardboard seals, it will become necessary to dispose of them
  • Food items (like coffee, sugar, grains, and flour) stored in canisters cannot be safely used after a flood and technicians will have to throw them away
  • Restoration professionals will also have no option but to discard glass bottles and jars with crimp or screw tops

If your house in Branson, MO, has been damaged by a ravaging flood, it will be important for you to contact ServiceMaster DSI.

Our professionals have the expertise to perform flood damage restoration in the best possible manner by adhering to industry standards. Just call us on our flood damage cleanup helpline number at (417) 868-8111 and our experts will reach your home and begin restoration right away.

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  1. We recently had some flooding in our home, and I don’t want to miss anything with the cleanup. I think hiring a home disaster restoration company is the safest bet for my family. I had no idea that they checked the food items as well! I hadn’t even thought about that yet. I’ll have to get some recommendations for a good restoration company!

  2. It is better to go for professional home duct cleaning services, in case your home is caught with unwanted wastes. This helps in removal of air pollutants in a fuss free manner.

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