Business Continuity and Flood Damage – Get Your Business Prepared!

Did you know that 75% of businesses without a continuity plan have failed three years after a disaster? That’s according to FEMA and the US Department of Labor. Don’t make your business part of that figure in their next report. Begin planning for flood damage today, and save your business tomorrow.

Flooding is the most common disaster. Almost any business should be concerned about flood damage, whether that comes from heavy rains, swelling streams, or burst pipes. As part of Preparedness Month, flood damage experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield, MO, encourage you to begin formulating a business continuity plan in case your business encounters disaster.

  • Study your surrounding area to identify risks. You can check on this FEMA site to see whether your business is in an identified flood risk zone.
  • Perform a business impact analysis. This analysis looks at all the different ways a disaster could impact your operations, from lost or delayed income to delays in business plans.
  • Pay special attention to how your organization stores and safeguards its information. Maintaining your business’s core records, whether physical or digital, is absolutely essential. If physical, ensure they’re securely stored. Back up your digital records and ensure you’ll have access to them after a disaster. Keep your insurance documentation in mind, too – you’ll need easy access to make the recovery process easier.
  • Designate a team responsible for planning your disaster response, and ensure the plan is maintained and updated.
  • Practice your plan. Run through scenarios during designated meetings to plot through how your key decision-makers and stakeholders would respond during various disasters. Learn more about tabletop exercises and other emergency planning exercises from FEMA.

Incorporate flood damage restoration into your planning to ensure you have a way forward with your business and get back to generating regular revenue as quickly as possible. ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield has the expertise and capacity to respond effectively to disasters and get your business back running. Call us 24/7 at (417) 895-9685 for emergencies or learn more about our disaster restoration services to incorporate them into your planning.

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