Fire, Water Damage, and Carpet Cleaning Services in Springfield, MO

Once the smoke has cleared from fire damage to your Springfield, MO, business, your next step is restoration. While many people are aware of the damage that smoke and soot do to a building, they often forget about another costly investment: the carpeting. A building that has sustained fire, smoke, or water damage often needs professional carpet cleaning services. Fortunately, when you hire ServiceMaster DSI, you receive all of these services with no need to make multiple calls.


Untrained carpet cleaning technicians can cause more damage to the carpeting if they have not been fully trained in the correct way to clean carpets after a disaster. All of our carpet cleaning professionals are expertly trained and understand the unique needs of a carpet that has been damaged by water or smoke. We can provide powerful extraction services to remove moisture from the carpet as well clean and deodorize the carpeting to remove lingering smoke and soot odors.  Our superior techniques mean you won’t be left with damp carpeting that keeps you out of the office for days, so you’ll be able to get back to business sooner.


We have the knowledge needed to clean any kind of carpet and fiber. We not only clean the surface, but we also deep clean down to the padding underneath, eliminating dirt, odor, and stains left behind from the fire or water damage. Since carpeting is often a big investment for your company, our services can save you thousands of dollars. We’ll work to return your business and your carpeting to pre-loss condition.


We’re on call for your carpet cleaning needs 24/7/365. In the Springfield, MO, area the ServiceMaster name is known and trusted, and for good reason. We’ve been helping businesses restore and clean their carpets for many years, and we can help your business get back on its feet as well. You’ll have the ServiceMaster name and our locally trained carpet cleaning technicians on your side.


Contact us online or by phone at (417) 895-9685 for all your fire damage restoration, water damage restoration and carpet cleaning needs.

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  1. Clean carpeting is more important than you think. Looking at a fresh clean carpet can give you a great feeling inside, but it also has a positive impact on your entire home environment. Walking over freshly cleaned carpets feels just as great, like relaxing after a hard days work and getting a foot massage.

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