How Excessive Moisture in Carpeting Can Affect Your Home and How Carpet Cleaning in Republic, MO, Can Help

When water damage occurs in your home, it can create instant damage as well as long-term effects. Moisture of any kind can affect the materials of your home, particularly when associated with carpeting. When flooding occurs in spaces with carpeting, issues can arise such as mold and bacteria growth along with poor air quality. When your home is affected by water, be it from flooding or plumbing problems, our carpet cleaning services in Republic, MO, can help.


How Excessive Moisture Can Affect Your Carpeting

When water enters your home in spaces where carpeting is located, it instantly begins to seep inside the material. The moisture then creates mold and bacteria growth as well as lowers the air quality of your home. Standing water, as well as any remaining moisture, must be removed to ensure the space is dry and no longer able to damage the integrity of your home.

With water in your carpeting, you also run the risk of foundation cracks or structural support damage. Once water is on the carpet, it begins to seep down into the carpet padding and the subfloor. When left for too long, the structural integrity of the floor begins to lose strength. Water must be removed as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the flooring structure and floor buckling.

If water is not taken care of quickly by carpet cleaning experts in Republic, MO, the damage will be too much, resulting in the need for replacement flooring. When the right team is on-site to take care of the damage, the issue is handled quickly with less overall damage to your home.


Surveying the Damage

Once you contact our carpet cleaning team in Republic, MO, for assistance, we get right to work. Our team has been trained to inspect homes and understand the problem behind the damage. After evaluation, we can provide the right cleaning solution for your carpeting. Our quick action will help you to avoid further damage to your carpeting, so that you can quickly enjoy your home once again, free from water damage.

If your home is affected by water and the carpeting has been damaged, give our team a call. We can be reached at (417) 895-9685 or fill out a service request form online. We look forward to serving you.

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