Don’t Let it Burn ¬— Get Smoke Damage Repair Help in Springfield, MO With ServiceMaster DSI

According to HomeAdvisor, in 2015 the average household costs for a fire-related incident were between $2,000-6,000. Always remember: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Smoke damage can take a huge toll on your health and a fire can completely destroy your home and ruin its appearance. Smoke damage lingers long after the fire has gone out, so call a professional at ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield, MO today.

The University of Florida suggests hiring a professional fire restorer to guide you in the right direction to mediate the smoke damage. It’s important to assess every aspect of your home for toxic smoke damage that may be stuck to your ceilings, carpeting, and even to your walls. One immediate step you can take to lowering toxicity in your home is to open windows and doors to provide better air circulation. You should also turn on fans and humidifiers to let in even more air. Remove damaged furniture, rugs, electronics, and miscellaneous items to lessen the amount of toxicity in the air. Electronics can also be dangerous to touch if damaged; an emergency team wearing the proper clothing to prevent electric shocks can remove them for you.

If you wait weeks to thoroughly clean up smoke damage, the soot can cause detrimental damage to your home. In some cases, you may even need to replace the entire property, according to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Soot contains carbon and other unwanted chemicals (depending on what was burning in the fire). Breathing in those chemicals can cause asthma, lung cancer, or fainting spells. Ultimately, the restoration price always goes in favor of repairing your existing property damage and avoiding fire and smoke damage in the future.

Professional smoke damage restoration can efficiently help you eliminate toxins and soot from an affected home. For all your disaster restoration needs in the Springfield, MO area, including smoke damage repair, call ServiceMaster DSI.


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