Don’t Let Fire Damage Put a Damper on Your Summer in Springfield, MO

Fires can strike during any season, even during the warm summer months, and damage many parts of your home. From dry wall to carpet, a burnt room will need to be totally renovated. During that stressful time, calling a professional cleaning service is a solid option to figure out what your next step should be. ServiceMaster DSI serves the Springfield, MO area’s fire damage restoration needs, and we can be reached day or night on our 24-hour hotline.

Grilling is a common summertime tradition. Gas grills, like any gas appliance, can pose as a fire threat. If your gas line has a break, smoking a cigarette near it can cause a huge fire. Checking to ensure your gas grill is in working order is very important before you fire it up to cook a meal.

Air conditioning units are a necessity to deal with the oppressive heat and humidity of summer. Portable units in particular pose as a huge threat because they are a smaller machine trying to keep up with your cool-air demands. According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2005 and 2009, over 2,300 home fires were caused by air conditioners. Getting your air conditioner checked on a regular basis and replacing older units is a great way to ensure you won’t deal with any unexpected fires.

Fires are the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with in the warm summer months. Routinely checking up on your electric appliances is the best way to prevent fires in your home. If you are dealing with a post-fire mess, don’t let the stress smoke your judgment. Call ServiceMaster DSI to ease your burden and restore your home to a pristine condition. We serve all of Springfield, MO’s fire damage restoration needs.

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