Don’t Let Carelessness Cause Fire Damage in Your Springfield, MO Home – Call ServiceMaster DSI for all Your Fire Damage Repair Needs

You may have heard of an explosion that rocked a building in Brooklyn over the weekend. The blast killed a New Yorker and injured three others, and follows a string of similar explosions in the past few years. The Brooklyn explosion (as well as two others in Harlem and East Village) appears to have been caused by natural gas. While most homeowners don’t have to anticipate a gas explosion, they should keep in mind that major structural damage can happen suddenly and under routine conditions. According to the National Fire Protection Association, gas fires cause an average of nearly $650 million in property damage per year, which means that they occur somewhat frequently and do quite a bit of damage when they do. We’ve put together a few tips on how to prevent gas fires, but if you do find yourself facing the aftermath of a gas fire, call the experts for help. For fire damage repair in Springfield, MO, call the fire damage repair experts at ServiceMaster DSI.

Almost all gas fires are caused by carelessness. This carelessness can come in multiple forms. Poorly maintained appliances start many fires. Electrical appliances in the kitchen, when located near the gas line, can start a fire with a short circuit. The sparks generated in such an event can set off a gas leak, and it could be small enough not to be detected. Be sure to have all major appliances inspected yearly by a certified professional.

The other form of potential catastrophic carelessness occurs when homeowners forget to turn off the gas, or they neglect to turn it all the way off. If gas isn’t securely shut off, it can slowly fill a room. You don’t want the smell of gas to be your first indication of a leak. Be proactive and make sure you and your family follow proper gas safety.

Proper fire safety requires a plan to follow in the event of a fire. Make sure your plan also addresses what you’ll do once your family is safe and the fire is put out. You’ll want to know who to call to help you repair the fire damage. ServiceMaster DSI covers all of Springfield, MO, so be sure to include them in your plan as well.


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