Causes of Flooding and Where to Find Water Damage Restoration in Nixa, MO

You may not have thought a lot about flood damage if your home isn’t on a floodplain, but flooding can happen in any home. A good long soaking rain may be great for the crops, but if too much soaks into our groundwater it can create flooding in your home in Nixa, MO.
Let’s take a look at some of the major causes of flooding that often lead to the need for water damage restoration services.

Flash Flooding

Flash floods can be devastating to a community and can take weeks to recover from. The fast-moving waters can uproot trees, carry debris miles away, and crumble walls and foundations. Intense rainfall is usually the culprit for flash flooding, but some other problems can be caused by a breach in a river or dam.

New Housing Developments

Modifications to drain systems when a new housing community is created can cause drainage systems to be overloaded. When a large community is built, rain doesn’t have anywhere to go, and flooding can occur, leading to water damage restoration services being needed.

Spring Thawing

When the ground starts to warm up after a long winter, it may be considerably behind temperature wise than the air, especially if we get an unseasonably warm day. The snowmelt can be significant, and soggy and frozen ground just can’t hold up. This can cause rivers, streams, and lakes to overflow and your home may take the brunt of it causing water damage.

So how do you prepare for a flood in Nixa, MO?

  • Get appliances off the ground and up on to pallets
  • Install check valves to stop water from backing up into your home through floor drains
  • Seal basement walls with a high-quality waterproofing compound

Finding Water Damage Restoration Help

If your home has experienced water damage it’s important to contact us as soon as possible. Even a few inches of standing water is dangerous to your home and can encourage mold growth. Don’t delay in contacting us to help assist with your water damage restoration needs! Contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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