Carpet Cleaning after Flash Floods in Ozark, MO Can Save Your Carpeting!

Late summer into fall is always an unpredictable time weather-wise in Ozark, MO. Those lingering hot and humid days mean that storms can roll in quickly, which can spell trouble. After days of hot weather, the ground is dry and may not be able to take in the rain that mother nature sends, and that’s when we have flash floods on our hands. This unpredictable weather can spell trouble for your home, and flood waters can seriously affect items in your home including your carpeting. ServiceMaster DSI provides professional carpet cleaning in Ozark, MO and the surrounding areas.

Removing the water is only part of the equation. When water gets into your carpeting, it gets down into the padding which can break down the adhesive backing. We have the experience to know the different types of fibers that your carpeting is constructed of. This provides the best chance of being able to salvage the carpet with our advanced carpet cleaning services. After the water is extracted, the drying process can begin.

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting the water out of your carpeting and beginning the drying process because, where there’s water and moisture, mold and mildew are soon to follow. We’re available 24/7/365 to help you if your Ozark, MO home or business is affected by flash floods. Our water damage restoration specialists are fully trained in removal and drying of items and thorough carpet cleaning services.

We also service homes and businesses that have smoke damage and can remove the odious stench of smoke from carpeting. Smoke molecules are very tiny, travel long distances, and have sticky chemical centers that adhere to the carpet. They can be very difficult to remove without professional grade carpet cleaning equipment.

Carpeting can be one of the most expensive furnishings you have, and we understand that restoration is essential! After a natural disaster such as a flash flood or fire, don’t rely on a company that lacks experience in carpet cleaning. Our trained carpeting cleaning technicians can be on site quickly to get to work. Contact us anytime day or night at (417) 895-9685.

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