2 Reasons Carpet Cleaning Should Be Performed by Professionals in Branson, MO


Carpet cleaning should is best left to professionals, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Branson, MO. Why? There are several reasons, ranging from intimate knowledge of cleaning techniques to the vast experience our experts have in this field to effectively clean your carpets.

In the following sections, we’ll look at two important reasons why cleaning your carpets should be assigned to an expert only.

#1 Trained to Select the Most Effective Cleaning Techniques

Experts use the latest carpet cleaning methods, avoiding outdated techniques that can damage your carpets. For example, our carpet cleaning experts avoid using dry cleaning compounds (absorbent) for removal of oily materials from your carpets.

The main reason for avoiding the use of such compounds is that they can lead to browning of the carpet, as some of the oily materials tend to be cellulosic by nature and their reaction with compounds results in such browning.

#2 Expertise to Use the Right Amount of Cleaning Solution

Professional carpet care technicians understand the importance of using the right amount of detergent to achieve optimum cleaning. Let’s look at some scenarios where experience helps professionals make the right decisions regarding how much detergent to use.

Scenario #1: Too Little Detergent

If too little detergent is used, the solution will not be sufficient to effectively clean the carpet.

Scenario #2: Minimal Detergent

Experts will use the minimal suggested amount of detergent for cleaning a carpet with average soiling. However, for an excessively soiled carpet, this will not be sufficient.

Scenario #3: Excessive Use of Detergent

If the carpet is significantly soiled, our experts will increase the amount of detergent for cleaning. However, they’ll ensure that excessive amounts of detergent aren’t used in the following situations:

  • Detergent will remain effective up to a certain level. After that it will only be wasteful and will not serve any purpose
  • Excessive amounts of detergent reduces its cleaning power because proper solution will not be forming because of extra detergent and consequently less amount of soil can be removed

As we can see, hiring experts is quite important if you want your carpet cleaning to be performed in the proper manner.

ServiceMaster DSI is the local carpet cleaning expert in Branson, MO, that you can turn to for a professional carpet cleaning. The most notable thing about our experts is that they have faced many different cleaning problems and can easily handle any type of condition your carpets might be in. To get the ball rolling all you have to do is give us a call at (417) 895-9685. Our team will arrive to your home and check all relevant details before we start any cleaning work.

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