Spring Tips to Avoid the Need for Water Damage Restoration for Your Republic, MO, Home

For many people, spring is a welcome relief from the chill of winter. It spells fun under the sun and the ability to step outside without the need for several layers of clothing. Of course, while there may not be snow everywhere anymore, this doesn’t mean one’s troubles are over or that your house is safe from water damage. Water damage can happen at any time, and when it does, it’s important to be diligent and take action. What should you do to protect your Republic, MO, home from the need for water damage restoration?

Look at Trees and Tree Branches

One of the first things you need to do is walk outside. That’s right; put on your shoes and step on the grass. What do you see? Are there any trees near your roof? Do you see any branches touching the roof? Trim the tree branches as soon as possible. In the event of a storm, you don’t want the branches damaging your roof and allowing water to seep inside.

Check Your Gutters

In order to eliminate the need to have your local water damage remediation company on speed dial, it’s important to check your gutters for any debris. Sticks, pinecones, and leaves are just a few examples of debris. If you let them sit there, they will eventually clog the gutters and prevent water from draining correctly. Clutter also invites bugs and other critters.

What About Your Sprinklers?

Make sure your sprinklers aren’t too close to your home because the water they spray could get into your basement through foundation cracks and open windows. Also, don’t forget that they’re on. Set a timer or look into automatic sprinkler systems. Water damage restoration could become a real problem if you’re not careful.

Roughly 93% of all water damage is preventable. Call ServiceMaster DSI of Republic, MO, for reliable water damage restoration assistance at (417) 895-9685.

5 thoughts on “Spring Tips to Avoid the Need for Water Damage Restoration for Your Republic, MO, Home

  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about water damage restoration! One thing that I did not know before reading this was about how you should take notice of any trees that are extending above the rooftop. With the winter coming soon, I think that I need to cut those down as soon as possible. It would be a real shame if they were to accumulate some snow and then do some damage to our roof. We will call a professional tonight! Thanks for the great reminders!

  2. I wish I read this article a long time ago because I noticed that you included something about trees here. You said that if I see a tree branch getting closer to the roof I have to get it trimmed first because it might punch a hole in the roof and let water inside the house in the event of a storm. That’s exactly what happened, and now the attic is flooded. I’ll call a professional to remediate the water damages right away. Then I’ll take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks

  3. My wife and I recently came home from a trip to see that our home had been flooded and we have a lot of water damage. I liked that you had mentioned that in the future it can be important to make sure there aren’t any problems with gutters or sprinkler leaks. We’ll have to figure out where the problem came from, and we’ll be making sure we check our sprinkler system before we find someone to come out and handle the water damage restoration.

  4. It’s great that you elaborated how you don’t need to jump on the first company you see or even the first one referred to you. I have a neighbor who is looking to hire a damage restoration company but wants help on making a smart decision. I’ll be sure to talk to her about taking her time to find the best one for her.

  5. I think it’s smart that you talked about making sure your sprinklers are on an automatic timer. My sister is looking to hire a water damage restoration company to get some work done in her basement bathroom. I think I will talk to her about making sure her sprinklers have a timer on them.

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