Avoid Water Damage in Your Home by Winterizing with ServiceMaster DSI in Springfield, MO

As temperatures drop and ice and snow become regular parts of our day, it is important to keep in mind basic safety factors during the cold winter months. Our cars seem to be the focal point of our winter worries, considering tires may need to be replaced and engines should be checked. It appears the average homeowner puts their own dwelling’s well-being by the wayside during these stormy, cold months. Winterizing your home can save you money, energy, and stress—call a professional cleaning company to assist you during the process. If you are in the Springfield, MO area, ServiceMaster DSI can help you not only prepare your home for winter, but assist in fixing existing water damage.

Severe winter weather ranks third as a cause of insured catastrophic losses, after hurricanes and tornadoes, according to the New York Times. Icy cold weather can cause pipes to expand beyond their holding capacity—ice gets larger and stronger within the pipe, causing it to burst. Flooding can get out of control in the matter of a few minutes, and cause serious damage to your home. According to CostHelper, a website that complies disaster costs, the average pipe burst can cost between $5,000-7,000. Insurance companies will contribute to cover that cost, but overall, the majority lies on the home owner’s shoulders.

Another negative effect of water damage is mold growth. Wet carpet may need to be removed to avoid spores growing post-flood. Sometimes you may have to re-install carpeting to completely eliminate the threat of mold. Water can seep through ceilings from a burst pipe—drywall and wood may need to be replaced also.

Instead of guessing on what needs to be done and potentially causing more problems and higher repair costs, contact ServiceMaster DSI for immediate help. We are dedicated to resolving water damage related issues in the Springfield, MO area in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. If your home suffers a water damage situation, regardless of the cause, call ServiceMaster DSI for disaster restoration services today!

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