Avoid the Risk of Fires and Need for Fire Damage Restoration in Mount Vernon, MO, by Taking Preventive Steps During the Holiday Season

The Holiday season can also be called the fire season since residential fires increase during this time, resulting in considerable loss of property and necessitating professional fire damage restoration. Decorative lights, candles, combustible decorations, and holiday cooking all increase the chances of a fire in your Mount Vernon, MO, home.


Our aim today is to provide homeowners with useful tips as the holidays approach on how to prevent fires by eliminating potential dangers.


Steps to Prevent Fires During the Holiday Season

Selection, Placement, Maintenance, and Decoration of Christmas Trees


  • Avoid buying a live tree too early. You should only keep a live tree for 2 weeks
  • At the time of purchase, look for a tree with high moisture content
  • Examine the freshness of the tree by checking the needles. Ideally, the needles should bend instead of break
  • Pick up the selected tree and gently tap its base on a hard surface. If a lot of needles fall off it means the tree is very dry and you need to look for another tree
  • If you purchase a metal tree, avoid using electric lights. The best thing to do is utilize a colored spotlight that is securely mounted under the artificial tree


Placement and Maintenance

  • You need to ensure that live trees are not placed near kerosene heaters, fireplaces, wall furnaces, or other types of heat sources. Heat will quickly dry out a tree and increase the chances of it easily catching fire
  • In terms of maintenance, a six-foot Christmas tree it will require one gallon of water at an interval of every two days
  • You can mix commercial preservatives in the water to extend the tree’s life
  • It’s important to check the water level daily and regularly water the tree



  • Avoid using lighted candles as decorations for your Christmas tree
  • Unless otherwise specifically stated by the manufacturer, only three strands of lights should be linked together
  • Ensure that the light bulbs do not come in contact with branches or needles
  • If possible, purchase LED lights as they remain cool when illuminated


If your home suffers a fire in spite of the above mentioned recommendations, it’ll be necessary for you to hire a fire damage restoration firm.


ServiceMaster DSI is a firm you can rely on for complete fire damage mitigation and restoration of your home. Our technicians have the required training, certification, equipment, and fire damage clean up products to ensure your home and belongings are restored in the best and most thorough possible manner.


All you have to do is call our emergency fire damage remediation contact number – (417) 895-9685. We’ll quickly dispatch a team of experts to your home in Mount Vernon, MO, analyze the situation, and create a thorough and efficient plan of action.

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