Avoid a Condemned Property with Hoarding Cleanup in Ozark, MO

Hoarding is a condition that many people face on a regular basis. Individuals who hoard can vary, from those who collect an immense amount of particular items to those who are unable to throw anything away, even garbage. Hoarding stems from a mental condition, usually due to a traumatic event in the individual’s life. Unfortunately, many hoarding situations can spiral out of control and lead to the home being condemned. To avoid this from happening, hoarding cleanup in Ozark, MO can provide a solution.


Condemned Property

A home will be condemned if it’s found to be unsafe to live in. Time and time again, a hoarding scenario can lead to a property being condemned due to the number of items in the home. When a hoarding situation is out of control, it’s time to contact the experts. Our ServiceMaster DSI team of hoarding cleanup specialists can provide the essential cleanup services needed to improve the Ozark, MO home. The goal is to return the home to a clean and safe living condition so the homeowner doesn’t have to leave due to the structure being condemned.


Our experts know how to create a plan that helps the hoarder as well as the home. The individual that is hoarding needs to be helped physically with the cleanup as well as mentally to deal with the reason behind the hoarding behavior. The traumatic event or situation that triggered the behavior needs to be addressed so the individual can learn a new way to cope that doesn’t involve hoarding items.


A property can be condemned due to a number of reasons. We have seen homes deemed unlivable due to feces and urine from an abundance of pets, as well as homes being condemned due to a massive amount of items in the dwelling, creating a fire hazard.


Whatever the case may be, our ServiceMaster DSI hoarding cleanup specialists in Ozark, MO can help. If you or a loved one are facing a hoarding situation, give our experts a call. We can review the property and create a plan to make it clean, safe, and livable once again. Contact our office today at (417) 895-9685 to learn more.

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