Hoarding Dangers in the Home in Republic, MO and How Hoarding Cleanup Can Help

Hoarding is a disorder that causes people to attach value or emotion to items that they stockpile and refuse to get rid of. To an outsider, hoarding behavior is very difficult to understand because the hoarder may be putting themselves in danger in their own home in Republic, MO. Hoarding can result in piles of accumulated items causing extreme clutter, blocking off living areas in the hoarder’s home. These piles can eventually cause severe sanitary issues as well as safety issues for the inhabitants. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers hiding in a hoarder’s home and how hoarding cleanup can help.

Extreme Clutter

The clutter in a home can hinder their ability to move freely in the home and can cause mold growth as well as pest infestations. These infestations can lead to poor air quality in the home leading to respiratory diseases and infections and can be very dangerous to their health. Hoarding cleanup will help restore the home so it is livable again.

Poor Sanitary Conditions

An abundance of items in a hoarder’s home can affect the daily living activities in a home making things like cooking, bathing, or showering impossible. If there are animals in the home, the problem is increased with animal waste which means there are biohazards present in the home which can cause serious health issues.

Physical Injuries

The sheer number of accumulated items in the home can build up and create tripping hazards as well as collapsing piles that can cause injuries such as broken bones, fractures, or sprains. Because many hoarders are also isolationists, they may not have someone checking in on them to be sure they’re okay.

Fire Hazards

Much of the material in the home of a hoarder consists of flammable materials such as paper and clothing so if they’re near a flame source the home can be a tinderbox once ignited. Often when there’s a fire in a hoarder’s home, it’s a result of faulty appliances or rodents chewing through wires causing electrical failure and fires.

Hoarding Cleanup Help

If you have a family member or loved one who needs help with hoarding cleanup in Republic, MO, we can help. Our expert team is here to help restore the home to safe and healthy living conditions. For experienced, discreet, and compassionate hoarding cleanup, contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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